10 reasons I love working at 88 Creative

I’ve been at 88 Creative for eight months now, so in no particular order, here are 10 reasons I love working at this agency.

Tim: A wizard of all sorts, this guy knows how to make the most mundane copy speak to you and captivate your attention. A master of the mouse, he turns letters, shapes, and colours into meaningful pieces of art that represent clients’ brands and turn audiences into loyal customers. He also owns the most envied sweater collection known to man and woman.   

Danielle: A jack of all trades and master of them all, Danielle manages digital marketing activities, influencer programs, clients, and so much more. She can give you a minute-to-minute update on what’s trending, what’s no longer ‘in’ and tell you anything Kimye actually. From doodling in her notebook to prowling the web, this account manager is always thinking, always brainstorming, and always plotting the next best campaign to get clients the digital attention they crave and deserve.

Gabriella: One of particular taste, Gabriella is selective and for a good reason: she knows what works and what doesn’t. She has a clear eye for detail and does a fantastic job noticing the things that clients and audiences (myself included) take for granted. The occasional glance over her shoulder (disclaimer: I swear I’m not a creep) has given me a new appreciation for all things beautiful. It’s people like Gabriella, our creative director, who work behind the scenes so we can live in a tastefully designed world.

Morgan: Incredibly talented at all things PR (reading, writing, researching, pitching) this account executive is a media relations wiz, a critical thinker, expert researcher, and creative writer, who can find the right person, place, and outlet for any product or service. With travel in her bones, she’s all over the map and has an innate talent of jumping from topic to topic, on polar opposite verticals yet doesn’t spam the world or journalists with generic emails. With clear attention to detail, her pitching skills are as dynamic as her interests: music, fashion, photography and travel. Her contact is saved in my cell phone as ‘Morgan Craig Superstar.’ This is a true story.

Claire: Smart, witty, artsy, and well-travelled, Claire is an all-around digital marketer with a talent for writing copy to match your brand messaging. She has a keen knowledge of the World Wide Web and is an expert at making sure that every image and word reflects an authentic brand voice and speaks to who you want, how you want, and where you want. She’s dedicated and driven; she currently has more discipline and willpower than the entire office, with the capacity to fulfill her sober November goal, despite events, dinners and well… weekends.

Erin: A lover of ‘basic’ things including pop culture, mediocre happy-ending feel-good movies, and celebrity gossip, Erin is anything but basic. She knows everything; she’s a tech expert, startup fanatic, public speaker, media person, influencer, one of Marketing Magazine’s 30 Under 30, etcetera etcetera (I could actually keep going but for your sake, I won’t). If she was born in the United States “Erin for President” but since she’s from good ol’ Georgetown, Ontario, Managing Director it is, and a damn good one too.

Cory: If you think you’re adventurous, think again. A true adventurer with a crazy amount of focus and talent to parallel his escapades, Cory is an exceptional senior designer. He cringes at the sight of bad design, and will revise your entire brand in a split second in his brilliant mind. If you’re lucky enough to have him working on your account, he just might show you what that looks like. “Par-Cory!”

Meaghan: A social genius with the vocabulary to match, Meaghan is a forward-thinker; always thinking (one step ahead of you but too professional to call you out). She always knows what’s going on in the world and knows how it relates to your company or brand. Meticulous, and logical, Meaghan takes your brand seriously and is responsible for delivering results AKA likes, followers, comments and engagement.

Brittany: The newest member of the 88C team, Brittany, our digital marketing coordinator, is genuinely cool, calm, and collected. She acts as clients’ brand filter, plowing through online clutter to find that one article, image, gif or video that’s attuned to your brand. Posts don’t schedule themselves! She’s detail-oriented and committed to making sure your posts are strategic, timely, and get noticed.

Hafsa: Currently on mat leave posting uber-stylish pics of her adorable baby boy, Hafsa is our super-friendly and extremely talented PR account executive. She pours her heart into her work writing, researching and communicating on behalf of clients and it’s evident in everything she does. She puts time and dedication into fully understanding brands so she can strategically and effectively secure meaningful coverage. Not only does she know PR, she knows fashion, beauty, social marketing, and has the following to prove it. Her life goal is to break the internet with a baby and a hedgehog (she’s a go-getter; she’s already halfway there). We can’t wait for her to come back, smiles and dessert in hand!

We’re a small but mighty team. We work our butts off to get clients into the spotlight, connect with the right audiences, create lasting brand voices, and make things look damn good.

I might sound biased but that’s because I am. I’m ‘pumping our teams’ tires,’ and ‘pounding our chests’ so to speak, because as much work as our team does and as brilliant as they are, they’re also a humble bunch so I thought I’d just say it, and rewrite their BIOs along the way.

It’s the people that make up an agency and that’s why I love working here. We’re 88 Creative and not only do we live up to our name, we’re f#*%!#@ awesome.

If you’re interested in learning about our services or just want to say ‘hi’, contact us at hello@88creative.ca or email charlene@88creative.ca.

Charlene is the PR Director at 88 Creative. You can follow her on Instagram at @charlenasariahanne.