Oh Hi, Eighty-Eight. Nice to meet you.

We’ve always known that the best way to approach 88 Creative as a brand is to use the same approach we would with a client: make sure that we’re honest with ourselves about every facet of our brand internally and externally, and constantly evolving.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new name today– Eighty-Eight– along with a new website and refreshed brand.

88 Creative started as a small social media agency, and over the last few years we’ve transitioned to a full-service creative communications agency offering digital marketing, PR, and design services. We wanted our brand to reflect that evolution. This got us started on what has become a total brand and company refresh, which includes our name and our logo, and also our services and approach to our work. Our new visual identity is the culmination of this exploration so far. 

A lot of rebrands aren’t a complete overhaul– rather they’re about stripping away unnecessary elements that may have been important at one time, but are no longer relevant. Think Starbucks simplifying the mermaid graphic, or Apple removing the rainbow stripes. The move from 88 Creative to Eighty-Eight, along with the new logo, is about moving forward with a cleaner, simpler name and aesthetic without abandoning our roots.

We wanted something that felt more classic and timeless with an editorial vibe, hence the serif typeface and simple wordmark. This logo translates smoothly at a variety of sizes, both in print and online. The icon reduces the wordmark to numerals, with the hyphen staying in place while the 8s arrange themselves around it. We’ve also included the hyphen as a subtle design element throughout the website and other assets. 

Since reevaluating our branding, we continued to examine our services and consider how we can work with people and brands in new ways. Over the past few years we’ve grown to 14 people, most recently adding Fatima Zaidi, a Marketing Magazine 30 Under 30 who will be heading up our business development, partnerships, and sales, the first time we’ve had someone in that role. 

We’ve also grown in terms of the clients we work with, and you can see full case studies from clients like Sony Pictures Television, foodora, and Yellow Pages here on our new website.

We’re also trying to find ways to work with organizations and companies who typically can’t work with an agency of our size. We’ve taken on pro-bono projects like HoHoTO by creating and planning their quarterly tech tour with girls from the YWCA, and we’re currently helping VentureOut with the communications for their upcoming tech and diversity conference. We’re also expanding our services to include workshops (details coming soon) for people who aren’t quite ready for our full-service offerings but want to learn more about what we do and how they can start making changes at their companies. This is a never-ending creative process that keeps us on our toes.

Our new brand is the result of many conversations that lasted well into the night (with a few glasses of wine) about our values and our mission to do the kind of work that gets noticed and makes a positive impact on the industry.