A Different Perspective: Action Cameras For Travel

Travelling with a camera is a must. We all want to have a visual reference we can look back on, and most importantly share the experiences we had while visiting a new place. Cameras can also become a distraction for the traveller – constantly finding interesting points of view, setting up a perfect frame for your shot, lugging around a rather large DSLR with multiple lenses, etc.

 This becomes especially difficult when on an adventure trip, where you’re more concerned about not falling off a mountain than getting a good photo.

Enter the action camera, a relatively new device that is small, durable, and high quality, allowing the user to film themselves hands-free. Action cameras have been around for a few years now, but GoPro has really dominated the marketplace since their inception in 2002. This is mainly because their image quality is unmatched, as well as having a very well-designed mounting system that allows the user to film pretty much any angle or perspective they desire. Check out Nicholas Woodman (Founder and CEO of GoPro) talk about the beginnings of what is now the fastest growing camera company in this short video by Forbes.

Action cameras allow you to film things you would not normally be able to, with perspectives that give the viewer an immersive POV (point of view), right in the action. These cameras are making it easier for athletes and adventurers to share their experiences from their own POV, making for some awesome footage. Here are three videos I shot while travelling to southern Utah last month.

Mammoth Cave / Dixie National Forest / Elevation: 8,050 ft

Virgin River Rim Trail / Dixie National Forest / Elevation: 9,320 ft

Angels Landing / Zion National Forest / Elevation: 5,790 ft

Cory is 88 Creative’s senior designer. Check out more of his videos on his YouTube channel here.