When should you consider a rebrand?

Rebrands can be exciting, but how do you know if or when it’s time for your own brand to undergo this type of transformation? Our Art Director shares some insight on the signs to look for and when it might be time to talk to us.

5 Tips for Creating a GOOD Logo

When creating a logo, there are a few key rules that a designer should follow that will help ensure a solid end product. For starters, never use online services that allow you to choose from preexisting logo galleries or cost $10. A logo should be relevant, personal, and original.

Would You Rather…Designer Edition

As a graphic designer, I am more of a visual person than a verbal person. So this month, instead of writing a blog post, I decided to create a cartoon series inspired by the very well-known American cartoonist Charles Barsotti. His simple, minimal line drawing cartoons are well known for being published in the New Yorker.

A Different Perspective: Action Cameras For Travel

Travelling with a camera is a must. We all want to have a visual reference we can look back on, and most importantly share the experiences we had while visiting a new place. Cameras can also become a distraction for the traveller – constantly finding interesting points of view, setting up a perfect frame for your shot, lugging around a rather large DSLR with multiple lenses, etc.

Agency or Porn: Masters of Sex Meet Masters of Selling

If you were online in the last week you may have seen one question posed to you on your social feeds: Agency or Porn? We launched the project as a fun internal marketing campaign at 88 Creative, and wanted to give a glimpse into the campaign’s creation and how we launched it to the world.

Balancing Studio & Personal Work

The majority of the work that I produce as a designer is done in studio. Projects come in at the request of a new or existing client, the brief is written, deadlines assigned, and a specific goal or outcome is outlined. Studio work is all about staying within given parameters for a particular job, which can include budget, timing, existing creative assets, etc.