Introducing Agency Side Hustle

Erin Bury has long been an advocate of the side hustle, encouraging any and all entrepreneurial endeavors the team dreams up. That’s why we started Agency Side Hustle and want you to join the movement.

8 Keys to Organizing a Great Conference

Some events I’ve attended recently have made me realize it’s so easy to go above and beyond the basic conference formula and make it an event that’s more valuable for sponsors, attendees, speakers, and people following along online.

Writing a New Chapter in the 88 Creative Story

New Year, new you. While I can’t say my diet and exercise routines have improved since January 1st, I can say a lot has changed at 88 Creative. I’m thrilled to share that 88 Creative is now officially its own company (legally we’re 88C Group Inc.).

Productivity Hacks for Regular People

On Sunday I watched five episodes of Suits in my pyjamas while eating a big plate of Greek food and only achieving 25% of my move goal on my Apple Watch. As I tried to drift off to sleep I starting thinking about the emails I hadn’t returned that day, the projects I hadn’t gotten a head start on, the calories I hadn’t burned, and the healthy eating plan I hadn’t stuck to.

Nine Career Lessons I Learned Before 30

I turned 30 last weekend, which means I now have to tick off the 30-39 box on demographic surveys; I’m no longer eligible for 30 Under 30 lists (thanks Marketing Magazine for putting me on one a few years ago); and I’ve joined the elusive over-30 club at 88 Creative, a club that currently has two members.