Eighty-Eight Design Internship

We are currently accepting portfolio submissions for a 5 month paid internship from July 15th-December 15th. In your internship, you will support the Eighty-Eight design team, taking direction from the junior and senior designers, the creative director, and other team members as needed. Tasks vary greatly depending on the client and the particular project. The job requires one to be flexible and adaptable as projects arise, but it also means you won’t get bored. Here are some things you could be working on:

  • Assisting with creating design elements for client projects  
  • Creating Instagram grids for social media clients
  • Assisting with internal branding projects as needed
  • Formatting reports, proposals, and other documents
  • Contributing to brainstorms and internal meetings for new clients and new business pitches
  • Keeping organized files of design assets
  • Helping out with administrative tasks related to the design department as needed (getting quotes for printing, doing research, collecting inspiration examples)
  • Thinking strategically to solve marketing problems, and how design fits into that solution
  • Doing research and contributing to brainstorms with various team members as we work to solve client marketing problems

Over time, Eighty-Eight design interns will be building up proficiency in skills that will be useful either as a full-time designer at Eighty-Eight, or in a position at another agency or in-house at a brand.

  • The ability to respond to a client’s expectations
  • Being able to adjust the visual tone of your design work to the client
  • Taking existing assets and building on them, resulting in a stronger piece of communication
  • Being able to take minimal direction from team members and fill in the gaps by suggesting creative solutions  
  • Interpreting client and colleague requests when they themselves are not designers
  • Coming to the table with fresh ideas and approaches to design problems
  • Working with all members of the team as needs arise, and flowing from project to project with ease  

Professional development, training, and support:

You’ll be introduced to our clients and processes gradually. Instead of formal training sessions, we implement project-based learning so junior employees get a sense of what the expectations are, and it allows them to build on what they learn.

You will have access to support from more senior team members as needed throughout your placement. Collaboration is central to our culture at EightyEight, which further facilities learning new skills and building on skills already acquired.

We touch base weekly as a team to catch up on what needs to be done that week, where people need help, and to share any recent learnings. Team members are encouraged to attend evening events or lunch & learns, and to seek out other opportunities for growth and networking.

You will meet with the art director monthly one-on-one to touch base on how you’re doing in your role, where you may need more help, or other ways to maximize success. This is not a test – we want to you to learn and grow, and to enjoy yourself in the process.

About Eighty-Eight (eightyeightagency.com)

  • Eighty-Eight is a super casual work environment. We welcome you to be yourself, dress as you usually do, and feel comfortable.
  • We want to hear your ideas and encourage creativity. A great idea is a great idea – it doesn’t matter whether it comes from a senior team member or an intern.
  • Represent! While you’re working with us, you represent the Eighty-Eight brand. We encourage you to share your experience on social media and promote the company and  projects you’re working on to your networks. Just ask a senior person first to make sure it’s OK to share a particular project.
  • Get to know your team better! Your colleagues may seem to be tuned in to their computers and work, but everyone can use a short break every once in awhile. Send your colleagues an invite to coffee, lunch, or just to chat.

*The successful candidate has to meet the conditions of the hiring grant.


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