Terrace House: The Reality TV Show You Didn’t Know Your Psyche Needed

As a long-time veteran consumer of reality TV – the good, the bad, and the very ugly – I understand the war such entertainment wages on your psyche all too well. The primary appeal of this trashy television genre is that it requires zero effort on the viewer’s end. But if you think this fluff doesn’t leave an impact on you once you stop watching, you’re incorrect. 

Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

We at 88 Creative consider ourselves to have pretty good taste – you can check us out on Instagram and let us know if you agree. In the past, we’ve put together our own picks for holiday gift guides for your perusing pleasure, but this year we thought that it would be more interesting to handpick some of the coolest people in the city and find out what they’ll be gifting this year.

Fest Best: 3 Takeaways From WayHome’s Marketing

It’s festival season! My personal favourite season of the year, and yes, it’s a legitimate season unto itself. Chances are that you’ve heard of WayHome by now. Either you’re going yourself or you know someone who is going and can’t stop counting down to when they’re going to #findtheirwayhome with their #wayhomies.

Break Your Funnel: How Consumer Intent Drives Good Marketing

Most marketers only care about ‘do-ers’ – people with lots of commercial intent. Especially in digital, we want to deliver metrics that have “value:” booking a consultation, signing up for a newsletter, finding a retailer, even liking a social post. To accomplish this, we make our digital, especially websites, all about the Do. But ‘do’ content is selfish.