The Sweet, Colourful World of Cookie Porn

In this post we explore the world of satisfying videos: those videos that seem to affect you like a good massage that you wish would last forever. Our picks of the day? Pretty pastels paired with killer fine motor skills for pure confectionary gold.

International Women’s Day 2017: Be Bold for Change

Today, 4 months to the day of the U.S. election, marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s achievements. While this day is always met with fierce support, now more than ever does its existence and message seem necessary.

Is your next logo going to be open source?

This past week, Mozilla unveiled seven logos in the running to be their new identity. The results are mixed. Some are gorgeous eye candy that make me jealous I didn’t design them (good sign) and some are just… kind of… meh?

5 Tips for Creating a GOOD Logo

When creating a logo, there are a few key rules that a designer should follow that will help ensure a solid end product. For starters, never use online services that allow you to choose from preexisting logo galleries or cost $10. A logo should be relevant, personal, and original.

Would You Rather…Designer Edition

As a graphic designer, I am more of a visual person than a verbal person. So this month, instead of writing a blog post, I decided to create a cartoon series inspired by the very well-known American cartoonist Charles Barsotti. His simple, minimal line drawing cartoons are well known for being published in the New Yorker.

You’re A CEO. Not A Designer.

These are the words of lost souls. They have forgotten who they are, and in a desperate attempt to cling onto something real and tangible, they put out their arms, grab onto their in-house design teams, and scream into the void “I’M A DESIGNER NOW.”