Uninspired: please stop posting inspirational quotes

Does anyone remember Successories? Those motivational posters featuring a black background and a beautiful nature photograph with an inspirational saying at the bottom? Perhaps there was one hanging in your orthodontist’s office.

Can I help you? Social media and customer service

Working in the digital realm has taught me that social media pages and accounts are the perfect platforms to have my voice heard.  Over the years I’ve definitely come to appreciate social media coordinators and those who deal with customer service via Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media Contests & the Lazy Marketer Trap

Everybody loves a good contest. I enter contests all the time – Facebook giveaways, trip giveaways I find in the pages of magazines, Twitter contests…I’ve even been known to fill out a print ballot or two in my day (how 2000 of me). I even have a Hotmail email address I use for contests so I don’t have to endure the ensuing deluge of marketing emails.