Move over Siri, there’s a new voice in town

Techies everywhere are rejoicing with the announcement of Amazon Alexa coming to Canada. Our resident tech expert, Dan Comand, explains what all the excitement is about for those of us not in the know.

Make Programmatic The Cornerstone Of Your Content Strategy

Native programmatic has been a buzzy new development in display ads, but for our clients, the real value is in content. Native programmatic ads are the best way to find your audience, or identify a new one, maximizing the reach of your content and ensuring limited budget waste. Here’s how it works, and how it could work for you.

You’re A CEO. Not A Designer.

These are the words of lost souls. They have forgotten who they are, and in a desperate attempt to cling onto something real and tangible, they put out their arms, grab onto their in-house design teams, and scream into the void “I’M A DESIGNER NOW.”

The Cinemagraph: A New Kind of Eye Candy

I’m a visual girl. I learn, respond, and communicate better with images and heck, sometimes they’re just pretty to look at. Since so much of my everyday life is spent looking at photos and videos on my phone or computer, it was really refreshing to come across a new kind of image that combines the both of them. Enter: the cinemagraph.

Custom Twitter emojis: stop with the hashflags

Let me start with this: I love using emojis. I really do. I abuse them a lot in my texts with friends and nothing expresses my excitement over something better than a long line of the dancing lady emoji. However, we need to stop and talk about these Twitter emojis that have been crowding up Twitter feeds like unwelcome, gaudy accessories.

A Different Perspective: Action Cameras For Travel

Travelling with a camera is a must. We all want to have a visual reference we can look back on, and most importantly share the experiences we had while visiting a new place. Cameras can also become a distraction for the traveller – constantly finding interesting points of view, setting up a perfect frame for your shot, lugging around a rather large DSLR with multiple lenses, etc.