Come through Startup Open House

It isn’t always easy to get your foot in the door, especially when all those doors seem to be shut. With Startup Open House the community’s doors will literally be open, encouraging you to come through.

The phrase ‘getting your foot in the door’ is as true in one industry as it is in the next. However, it’s especially true in the startup world. When successful entrepreneurs look back at their big break, or the moment when things finally turned around and started making sense, it’s often thanks to getting their foot in a door. Whether it was at a totally different job, another startup, or an introduction to another entrepreneur, it’s that first  look from the inside, rather than the other way around, when things really start to click. This is what makes Startup Open House such a unique event.

If you’ve ever participated in an event hosted within the startup community then you know there’s never a shortage of inspiring stories. This is what makes the realm so interesting, as well as dynamic. You can’t bump into someone in a room full of entrepreneurs without coming away more motivated or having learned something totally new. Startup Open House gives any hopeful to the community an endless supply of mentors to look up to and stories to take pearls of wisdom from. If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door, this is literally the place to do it – the doors have even been propped open for you! If you’re not yet a part of the community, it can sometimes feel like the places you aspire to be a part of are closed off to you. With Startup Open House, those participating are doing so with the hope of meeting exciting new people and starting conversations. Is your startup hiring? Is so-and-so the perfect fit, but you’ve never met? Grab a beer and get talking! Not only does this type of event facilitate feet getting in all kinds of doors, it offers a huge opportunity to introduce new talent to your startup’s team.

On Thursday September 28th, from 4pm – 8pm, startups around Toronto will open their doors and welcome new hopefuls, interested investors, friends or even just nosy neighbours to come through. Startup Open House t gives those looking to join the community a great introduction to the startup world, and it gives startups the chance to showcase what they’re all about in a fun and casual setting. Eighty-Eight is not just happy, but very excited, to be participating in this year’s Startup Open House. What can you look forward to if you stop by our cool office this Thursday night? Our smiling faces for one, but also liquid courage to help facilitate the ice breakers. In keeping with our love of all things food-related, one of our favourite clients (they once sent us an impromptu burger delivery), foodora, will be stopping by to hand out vouchers to make your next order that much better. We’ll also have fun activities happening in the office like a hand lettering station and an Agency Side Hustle pop-up shop. We recently launched an internal campaign that aims to celebrate and bring side hustles out from the shadows, as well as call upon the industry to embrace their team’s creative endeavours with open arms. If you haven’t heard about it, we’ll be more than happy to chat about it and all other side hustle related things. Last, but most certainly not least, we’re currently hiring for a PR Account Executive. So if your goal for the night is to absolutely nail your elevator pitch and make it into the startup world once and for all, this may be your time.

Try something new this Thursday night and plan to do a Startup Open House crawl. You’ll be able to share a drink with some of the city’s best innovators, drop off resumes, make some new connections, and discover all that startup culture has to offer. We hope to see you there!