#Fitspo: How to get your perfect body on Instagram

I’m on the neverending fitness journey. I’m always looking for the fastest way to get a six-pack, pointy shoulders, and reaching the illusive, ever-growing standard of ITG. If you don’t know what that is, this post is not for you.

I’m the girl that got (read: illegally downloaded) Insanity after watching 30 minutes of a 6am infomercial, tried Jillian Michaels’ classes when they arrived at Goodlife, and am constantly Googling the names of celeb personal trainers to see if their regimens are posted online. There is always someone new coming out with the best way to get fit, and I’m always craving a change in my routine. Do you get why this is neverending?

Now, I’ve told you about my social media habits before, and this is the blog of a digital marketing agency, so I’m sure you’re expecting me to bring this back to social media somehow. Well, my latest guilty pleasure is admiring Instagram fitness addicts who live a life of leisure and make their 600th straight leg sit-up look as easy as their first. They run the #fitspo stream and have people all over the world racing to the closest boxing gym or their city’s equivalent of Runyon Canyon (although none will ever compare to the LA original). They have trainers, or they are trainers, and they have hundreds of thousands (some even millions) of followers who like, comment, and beg for tips on how to be exactly like them.

I’ve come to favour a few of these #fitspo celebs, mainly due to the perfect mix of jealousy and attainability I feel when scrolling past their photos, and, lucky for you, I’m going to share them.

Adrianne Ho

The Toronto-born model turned clothing designer is closing in on 360k followers with nothing more than a Stussy campaign and a line of workout clothes. Oh, and a perfectly toned six-pack.

#TBT @highsnobiety cover shoot #HoKnows #Outtake 💦💪🏼

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Stay Undefeated with this quick boxing routine on SweatTheStyle.com #SweatTheStyle 💦👊💥

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Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is a socialite, startup founder, restaurant investor, and most importantly, the fittest girl ever. It’s easy when you have access to the best trainers in Manhattan, though.

Because sometimes a photo is not enough. Song by @atrak & @thechainsmokers

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Something extra special with Bae for #internationaldayofyoga

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Kayla Itsines

This Australian powerhouse is not only fit, but successful too. She created her empire by sharing her workout regimen, and for a mere $120 and 12 weeks of grueling workouts you can be featured as one of her amazing before & afters!

Jen Selter

As I’m sure you know, butts are a major thing right now. If you don’t believe me, just check out Jen Selter’s army of 6.5 million followers. Yes, you read that correctly.


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And when I’m not looking for new workout routines? You can generally find me trolling fashion bloggers or brands, but that’s a whole other Instagram beast.

Danielle is the Digital Account Manager at 88 Creative. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @DFabes.