Fun Facts: Skip the ice breakers and read this instead

Next week we’re hosting our 2nd Annual Startup Trivia Night alongside Uberflip and Insurance Portfolio. In preparation for the night, here are some trivia facts to get you warmed up.

Whether it’s Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, or just a spirited debate about some random, insignificant fact – people love to test their knowledge, and flex their ‘know it all’ skills. While the meaning of the term has changed over time, we all know ‘trivia’ to now mean small, observational, common, or little-known facts. But when you add a little competition to the mix, things tend to get interesting, and sometimes even a little heated. We at Eighty-Eight are not immune to the joy and intense sportsmanship that accompanies a good game of trivia. This, and our love of startups is what sparked the idea to do Startup Trivia Night. For the second year in a row, alongside our partners Uberflip and Insurance Portfolio, we’ll be hosting our 2nd annual Startup Trivia Night. To get everyone’s brains working and spark your competitive side, we’ve put together bits of trivia about our team members, as well as some of our event partners at – Chris Gory from Insurance Portfolio, foodora, Hatch Coffee, Michelle’s RawFoodz, Salty Paloma, Henderson Brewing Co., inkbox, and iHalo Krunch. Take a read through these fun facts about our partners to learn a bit more, and then get a good laugh and try to guess which fun facts belong to which Eighty-Eight team member!


Our Partners

foodora is Italian for “food now” aka. what we’re always thinking and/or demanding.

Hatch uses a low emission, Loring, roaster. The local specialty coffee roastery also recently won the title coffee sponsor for the Aeropress Regional competition.

Chris Gory of Insurance Portfolio is basically Superman. He has twice pulled people from car crashes, a drowning man from Lake Ontario, and treated a stabbing victim.

Michelle’s RawFoodz dips are basically vegan crack and, yes, they’re actually health food. Also, their VP of sales makes a giant ‘WELCOME’ sign and hangs it in the office for each new employee *Awww*!

Salty Paloma is named after the popular tequila drink in Mexico, the Paloma, which is made of tequila and grapefruit soda. All the products have grapefruit zest in them as a tribute to this drink.

inkbox is constantly rubbing shoulders with celebs – with Jeff Probst as an investor, Whoopi Goldberg, and the cast of Stranger Things wearing their amazing temporary tattoos.

Henderson Brewing Co.‘s original beer recipes were all originally brewed in co-founder Steve Himel’s home kitchen.

iHalo Krunch is pronounced [ē-ha-loh] not [eye-hay-low]. Their signature flavour “Ube Nut” includes an ingredient derived from a vegetable called dioscorea alata, more commonly known as Ube.



Our name comes from the address of our first office, 88 Dupont St.

We started as a division of a real estate firm, managing social media for condo builders (how far we’ve come!)

We’ve only ever had two employees with the same name (Fatima A. and Fatima Z., who both currently work here)

We only have one employee who has kids (with another one on the way!)

We may not have invented #winewednesday, but it’s a thing


The Team – Let the guessing begin!

  1. Broke both of her legs at age 9, passed grade 8 piano and still plays, Mom has two horses (but they hate horses).
  2. Scared of the dark, eats Skittles in even numbers, avid scuba diver.
  3. Used to have two pet bunnies, fashion design was their plan B career path, tried to learn Japanese in high school.
  4. Never wears a bra to work…
  5. Once danced with Win Butler of Arcade Fire and can confirm that he’s a giant, went to OFSAA for golf in high school.
  6. Was once on the acclaimed television series 1 Girl 5 Gays
  7. First time they performed music publically was in the grade 7 talent show, when they performed Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’. Sadly this was deemed too inappropriate to take the top prize. You were robbed!
  8. Was almost named Costanza, once ate 11 hot dogs in one sitting, used to play the drums.
  9. Has a twin brother, is terrified of birds, doesn’t like sushi. Has tried to like sushi. Still doesn’t like sushi.
  10. Took mime class in high school, briefly played the saxophone, has an IMDB page that someone else created.
  11. Flew over the handlebars of their bike as a child, and had a scab moustache that took 3 weeks to heal.
  12. Can’t drive, grew up without a car, drinks a LOT of soda water with lemon.
  13. Was born with a goatee, was inches away from a 15 ft great white shark while in a shark cage, visited a family of Mountain Gorillas in Uganda – there are only 790 remaining in the world.

Now that you’re all fired up to test your knowledge, be sure to make a team and grab your tickets to Startup Trivia Night! We’ll test your skills on startup life – and one team will walk away victorious with a great prize pack featuring some of our favourite players in Toronto’s startup scene. Your $20 ticket gets you food, unlimited drinks, surprise snacks, and a chance at an awesome prize if your team wins. All proceeds go to the YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre, the official charity partner of HoHoTO. Click here to RSVP, buy tickets, and get all the details!