How to design the perfect Instagram grid

Nowadays, everyone and their pet has an Instagram account, which makes it even more important to stand out. Here are some tips to curate an experience that shows who you are as a brand and also help you reach a new audience.

Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, an Instagram feed is a great way to market yourself and connect with a new audience. So here are some tips that will help your feed look #goals in no time.

Your vibe.

Start off with a theme, it doesn’t have to be specific. Just think of it as a visual personality. If you need inspiration, try coming up with a mood board of colours and styles!


Natural light is your best friend, for real.

Your original photo should be taken in an area that is naturally well-lit. This will give you the highest quality result and make the editing process easier.


Filter, with care.

When it comes to editing, the less you have to do, the better. Try to find places and things that would already suit your theme/colours, so that you only have to make minor edits to the brightness/contrast. But if you’re going to use filters, it’s best to stick to one or two presets.


Change it up.

To make your feed more interesting, you can change up the kinds of photos you take. Experiment with flat lays, architecture, and textures. But, not all of your posts have to be photos; you can use quotes, illustrations, and animations!


Feel the flow.

Step back from your individual posts and look at your grid as a whole. Try adding simple and clean images to break up the busy photos. White space is good!

Here’s a template & example grid to help you get started!
Square 1 being the busiest photo, with almost no white space – Square 4 being the cleanest, with the least amount of colour.


Plan it out.

Look at your previous 3 posts, since it’s going to go next to those. You only have to match with them. If you aren’t sure still, you can plan it out in a separate app so you can see it without having to post.


The 3-6-9.

If you’re overwhelmed by maintaining one theme or colour throughout your entire feed, you can change it up and plan it in blocks of 3, 6, or 9. So at least they can stay together in a block and it doesn’t seem so out of place. As long as the overall style matches, there’s nothing wrong with changing up the imagery.


Have fun, seriously.

In the end it’s about connecting with your audience, so make it natural and relevant. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

These are some feeds we love: