How your agency can be more ecofriendly

Our Tech PR Manager Jamie started a side hustle to solve the plastic straw problem. Now he’s preaching the ecofriendly gospel to our agency and beyond!

Being ecofriendly is hard. Without going full Al Gore, the systems we live in and use are set up to make it hard. But that doesn’t mean we’re absolved of blame (actually, we’re fully to blame) and it definitely doesn’t mean you, and your workplace, can’t try.

With that said, there are a few easy-ish steps that your agency (or office in general) can take to increase your ecofriendliness.

Bye bye bye, plastic straws

It’s estimated that we use enough plastic straws daily to circle the Earth 2.5 times. They aren’t biodegradable and can’t be recycled.

Cutting out plastic straws from your office is easy peasy. There are countless ecofriendly options; like Strawzy, a side hustle I recently founded devoted to reusable straws. The most prominent option is stainless steel, but an increasing number of folks are also exploring other options like silicone and glass.

Ordering in? No plastic cutlery, please

At Eighty-Eight, we look for every available opportunity to order food. New team member? Birthday? Made it to work on a Monday? Let’s get lunch!

We typically order in, which means, unless otherwise instructed, we’ll receive plastic cutlery with our order. Fortunately, ordering services like Ritual and foodora give users the option to select no cutlery; and unless you’re in a real pinch, we suggest doing just that.

No cutlery? Check.

Reusable cups

Coffee meetings are a fact of life. If your office tends to grab coffee on their way in, try offering employees an ecofriendly product like KeepCup as a company perk. The turtles will thank you and most cafes offer discounts when using reusable cups.

The Cloud is your friend

If you aren’t doing this already, we have concerns, but Cloud storage, like Google Drive, can drastically cut down on paper waste. Not to mention, it’s exponentially easier to collaborate.

Digital paper

If you’re a traditionalist, there are digital pen and paper options like reMarkable. It gives the tactile satisfaction of holding a pen and paper without all the waste.

Work from home

At 88, we all have the option to work from home one day a week, which cuts down on each person’s individual power usage. Your office might consider kicking that up a notch and having a mandatory work from home day.

Log out, sign off + power down

This is likely the easiest tip to implement. Before you leave for the day, power down. Offices have a tendency to leave their computers running, but powering down will not only give your machine a rest, it’ll save you money and the environment energy.