Missed connections

Not just for people who make ambiguously meaningful eye contact on public transit. We explore agency missed connections in search of closure.

Sidelong glances, uninterpretable scrawls of names or emails, maybe even forgotten faces. Tales of these fleeting instances – these missed connections – riddle the Internet. If you read through them for sport you may start to wonder if that lingering stare on your morning subway commute was more than just a coincidence of roaming eyes meeting, and instead the kernel of a soon to be flourishing affair of the heart.

Missed connections happen all the time and in all parts of your life. The romantic variety are obviously more likely to provoke the quickening of your heart beat, but the professional missed connections are something to marvel at as well. A lost RFP or client that so successfully disappears you begin to wonder if they were a figment of your imagination. These events could leave you scratching your head for years to come. Those in the agency world are no stranger to such matters. We decided to personify these missed connections. Here’s hoping they bring you some sense of closure or at the very least a laugh.

Too good to be true?

How could you forget?

We’re re-engaged!

Stood up.

Long distance is hard.

Star(tup)-crossed lovers.