Seen and read: The client-agency relationship as told through text

Intimate relationships are nothing short of fascinating. We turn the lens on ourselves and explore the nature of client-agency relations.

Over their lifetime, humans experience a vast number of intimate relationships. What varies is the nature and duration of each. While the strong bond between family members and (often eye roll-inducing) closeness of a romantic couple come to mind first, the other intimate relationships in our lives certainly bring more colour to our days. Think of the young barista who hands you your coffee each morning or the purveyor of cheap sandwiches at your local bodega. That too is love, friends. For those in the creative industry, the relationship between client and agency is one of the most intimate partnerships you’ll ever know. Not unlike dating, the client-agency relationship comes with intricacies – ups and downs. It requires ultimate trust and openness to get to that happy ending you’re all rooting for.

While the nature of this professional relationship is quite different from that of a budding romance, you find yourself in many of the same conversations, and experiencing familiar insecurities, desperation, and excitement. As experts in the subject-matter of courtship (we’ve all had our fair share of dates, whether they be of the Tinder or Save-The- variety), we reimagined some of those classic texts you get from that ‘special someone’ – the first date follow-up, the late night call, and the dreaded ghost – as told by the client-agency *romance*.

The first encounter follow-up

Ghosting when you didn’t win the RFP

Seeing other agencies

The late night ‘we need to talk’ call

When it’s a go and you’re ready to bring on a freelancer

When they’re not ready to commit but still thirsty to collab

The click pic