The Cinemagraph: A New Kind of Eye Candy

I’m a visual girl. I learn, respond, and communicate better with images and heck, sometimes they’re just pretty to look at. Since so much of my everyday life is spent looking at photos and videos on my phone or computer, it was really refreshing to come across a new kind of image that combines the both of them. Enter: the cinemagraph.


Image via Oceanswave on Flixel

Heard of them before? Cinemagraphs are ‘living’ photographs that combine elements of photography and video to create an image that in simplest terms, will trip you out. I love them because for a split second you think you’re just looking at a normal photo, and then BAM! It’s moving. You can’t help but have your attention captured, and that’s exactly the point.

Image via BrandonJHall07 on Flixel

I remember seeing a cinemagraph for the first time while watching an episode of America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks used them for a number of photoshoots over the course of the show’s 20th season to shake things up a bit. Although the idea captured my interest at the time I didn’t really look too much into it. Little did I know that back in 2013 when Tyra Banks herself invested in Flixel, the software company behind ANTM’s cinemagraphs, they would be an 88 Creative client just a few years later.

Image via antm on Flixel

I was excited when they brought us on to do PR because it gave me the chance to dive deeper into what those cinemagraphs I saw so many years ago (okay, two) were all about. After poking around the Flixel gallery, I came to one conclusion: THEY ARE SO FREAKING COOL. It’s also way easier to make your own cinemagraph than I thought. Their software programs (Cinemagraph Pro for Mac and iOS) are what some would call “idiot proof” since it breaks the process down step by step, it’s simple to navigate, and you can edit and lay filters on your image within it. They have a free trial if you want to test out the waters yourself.

With all of the publicity that came from ANTM, as with any new digital trend, brands like the Travel Alberta and Mercedes-Benz jumped on the opportunity to incorporate the new technology into their marketing strategy. It’s no secret that people respond well to images and that it’s harder to capture and maintain attention through video, so the cinemagraph is the perfect happy medium. Auto-play on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has played a huge role in the success of cinemagraphs online, because otherwise you might not realize the image you’re looking at had a moving component. Huzzah!

Now, who’s ready for some more eye candy? Check it:

Image via fashionrisk on Flixel

Image via fashionrisk on Flixel

Image via mariosl on Flixel

Image via robertlendvai on Flixel

Image via robertlendvai on Flixel

Claire Owens is a Digital Account Executive at 88 Creative. You can follow her musings over on Twitter