Time’s Up: a lesson in finally getting it right

With a page of words and a powerful message, the Time’s Up campaign has quickly become the (literal) poster child for how to do a movement right.

No matter your experiences or successes in 2017, there’s no denying that the year was fraught with tension. What started with marching, pink knit hats and daughters asking for a better future came to a heightened peak with exposé after exposé of men behaving more than just badly – indefensibly – in Hollywood. The victims of this utter bullshit were having it no more, and rather than harbouring these experiences in private, took to their screens and the streets, emboldening all of us to join their cause.

Something changed last year. Maybe it’s because these stories weren’t just snippets of news that we heard in passing – they were narratives, true horror stories, from people just like us, that were showing up on our must-listen podcasts, frequently viewed news feeds, and beneath our fingers poised to double tap. By the end of those difficult 365 days, there seemed to be more people on the same side of the line that was drawn in the ‘we’re not having this anymore’ sand than not. People that stretched far beyond Washington and Hollywood and across all industries and walks of life. These stories weren’t necessarily their own, but there was a strong sense of collective resilience and responsibility to take it to the next level.

It’s with this feeling that the Time’s Up campaign landed in our lives. We use the word ‘landed’ to associate a certain weight to it. This didn’t just casually appear or come to a graceful, fluttering finale on the pile of so-so pieces of marketing that came before it. It marched into the world, loudly announced itself, and whether there was space for it or not, found its place in the middle of it all. Not only did it come with a profoundly necessary and powerful message, but with an incredible lesson in how to do not just a social movement, but any campaign right.

Be timely

It’s not very often that stars align, so the moment the winds blow in your favour, act!

Keep it simple

While a full-page ad in the New York Times isn’t necessarily run-of-the-mill, the Time’s Up campaign relied on thoughtful and honest words alone to get the message across and make an impact.

Be authentic

A huge reason we all reviled at the Pepsi x Kendall Jenner debacle was its insincerity. We could smell the faux-activism and capitalist agenda immediately, despite its not-so-thoughtfully planned disguise. Consumers (of sugary drinks and social crusades alike) know when something isn’t ringing true.

Amplify wisely

The same way that Time’s Up harnessed the power of Hollywood actresses, align yourself with influential individuals who share the same values and vision to get your message in front of more of the right people.

As a team that is more than 80% female, and a business that’s part of an industry struggling with gender parity, the Time’s Up campaign has us feeling not only proud to be (and stand beside) women, but also fired up to do great work in 2018.