Top 10 Social Media Moments of 2015

So much, yet so little, has changed on social media this year compared to last. You may have seen my list of the top social media moments from 2014 last year, so now this has become an annual thing. The internet is everyone’s favourite place to go and laugh, cry, argue, and most importantly, come together. 

A lot has happened over the last 12 months, some of which you may have forgotten about already, so I’m here to remind you of all the good and the bad times from 2015. One thing that shouldn’t come as a surprise though is that the Kardashian/Jenner clan are still running the show. 

Here you have it — these were the top 10 moments that broke the internet in 2015:

The Black/Blue/White/Gold dress debate may have been the biggest thing to happen to the internet this year. The story goes like this: a photo of said dress was posted on Tumblr back in February, which sparked a week-long debate across the internet as to whether or not the dress was blue and black or white and gold. Buzzfeed reported that they broke their traffic records in just one night with the story. Everyone from your grandma to your favourite celebrities and brands were in on it – was the dress blue and black or white and gold? We needed to know!!!!!


Caitlyn Jenner joined Twitter
Bruce Jenner’s transition to becoming Caitlyn Jenner was a big news story this year. Between her grand debut in Vanity Fair and joining the Twitterverse back in June, the star broke the world record for reaching one million Twitter followers in just four hours. It was the world’s first look at Caitlyn.


People around the world took to social media to share their thoughts and prayers with Paris after the terrorist attacks in November. According to TIME Magazine over 70 million people shared images on Instagram showing their support, with a total of 430 million interactions (that includes posts, likes, and comments). You probably saw artist Jean Jullien’s “Peace for Paris” illustration shared more than a few dozen times on your news feed. 

Peace for Paris

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Taylor Swift Schooled Apple Music
When Apple announced that they would be offering users a free 3-month trial for their new streaming service called Apple Music, Taylor Swift wasn’t happy about it. She wrote an open letter on Tumblr to the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, about why it was unfair that artists would receive no royalties during the free trial period. Long story short, when you have the biggest pop star of the year call you out online, even if you’re Apple, it’s a good idea to abide.


Kendall Jenner Won Instagram
For yet another year in a row, a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family took home the prize for most ‘Liked’ photo on Instagram.  Last year, Kim Kardashian’s photo of her and Kanye West at their wedding won the title with 2.4 million Likes. This year, Jenner has topped that with 3.3 million.

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Justin Trudeau Won Hearts Everywhere
Not only was the Liberal government winning the election one of the biggest things to happen in Canada this year, but it had the whole world watching. Between Canadians getting excited that Harper would finally be out and the rest of the world thinking our new Prime Minister was hot, over 4.5 million tweets were sent out during the election period using the designated hashtag #elxn42. Facebook reportedly had 7 million users contribute 50 million interactions (posts, likes, shares, comments) about the election too. That’s a whole lotta Canada right there.


Starbucks Red Cups
One of the more ignorant moments of the year was when people freaked out about the new Starbucks holiday cups. The company’s annual holiday cup was released on November 1 and this year they decided to go with an all red cup – needless to say, it didn’t go unnoticed. A fury of people took to social media to share their outrage over the fact that the cup was not Christmasy enough. The words “red cup” were used on Twitter more than 60,000 times during that week


Bautista’s Bat Flip
The entire country was watching the Blue Jays this past season as they made their way into playoffs for the first time in… forever. In Game 5 against the Texas Rangers, Jose Bautista hit a three-run homer that resulted in their win and his now famous bat flip. The bat flip quickly became a phenomenon is Canada with people getting the image printed on shirts and even tattooed. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the world wasn’t watching either — the hashtag #ComeTogether was trending at number one worldwide on Twitter during the game.


A photo posted by Jose Bautista (@joeybats19) on


A Dancing Drake
Drake released his video for Hotline Bling at the end of October and I don’t think he ever could have imagined how people were going to respond to it — or maybe he did. Not only were people loving the fact that their favourite rapper was dancing, but everyone quickly realized his moves seemed to be oddly in sync with a number of other songs… resulting in some of the best memes of 2015. 


Fashion Santa
Finishing off the list is the internet’s latest phenomenon: Fashion Santa. Yorkdale Mall in Toronto hired model Paul Mason to become ‘Fashion Santa’ to draw people in to do their holiday shopping there. Needless to say, it worked! Not only was their marketing ploy bringing herds of people to the mall to snap a photo with him, but Fashion Santa has garnered attention from people all over the world. Even everyone’s favourite Instagram account The Fat Jewish posted about him


Did Canada kill it this year or what?!
Other honourable mentions include:

Left Shark

The Llama Chase

The Pizza Rat

Claire Owens is a Digital Account Executive at 88 Creative.