VIEWS From a Marketing Intern

Who here loves Pizza? The answer is nearly everybody, especially the team at 88 Creative. I was a post-grad student at Humber College studying advertising account management, and as part of our program, we had to find an internship for the summer.

So me and about a MILLION other students in Toronto were all applying to agencies, all at the same time. What I found is that it’s easy for your resumé to be lost in the pile, and I needed to stand out.

So I Googled and perused Pinterest for creative resumé and cover letter inspiration. But what I found most helpful was researching the agency I really wanted to work at, and that was 88 Creative. I creeped their official Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, and their clients and past work. I may have also creeped all of 88 Creative’s employees on social media, but I won’t fully admit to that in fear of being known as the creepy intern.

What I found was that 88 Creative loves pizza. It was talked about, Instagrammed and retweeted regularly. So I sent them a pizza with my resumé attached. I put in a little note that said, “Have a bite on me!” and introduced myself. The pizza lady looked at me a little weird and I did risk getting pizza sauce and pepperoni grease all over my resumé, but I thought that might be a good thing! Who doesn’t love a resumé that smells like pizza?

Did the idea work? I received an email right away and was invited to come in and meet the team. And now I’m sitting here on my first day as an intern at 88 Creative! (And trying to get the office dog to hangout with me).

I may be known as the pizza girl, but that means I will be remembered. I learned that agencies get tons of resumés daily, making it easy to be tossed to the side. Some of my classmates sent hand written thank-you cards after informational interviews rather than an e-mail. It might be a simple idea, but it can go a long way. So my advice is to be bold. Think outside the box. Research the agency and the people who work there like crazy. Creep their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

We all want to be somebody in this industry, so make yourself stand out. Even if it’s with extra cheese and pepperoni.