Was 2017 really so bad? This advent calendar says no.

Despite 2017 being a bit of a hot mess, we at Eighty-Eight are looking back and smiling. Here’s what we did this year.

With the year coming to a close, people are taking stock and looking back on 2017 with mixed feelings. For some, the year didn’t seem so horrific, given that 2016 was garbage. For others, the claim is that 2017 was in fact, the worst. They’re not alone in this thinking, with polls backing the negative sentiment. Despite the bleak political climate and breaking news of just how many swine walk among us, we at Eighty-Eight truly made the most of the past 365 days. We worked with some of our literal dream clients, bonded more than ever, and ate a ton of junk along the way.

As you gear up for the holidays and finish the last of your traditional advent calendar’s chocolates, take a look at our 2017 advent calendar, to see what we got up to!

New People

We welcomed some awesome new additions to the Eighty-Eight team.

1. Fatima Zaidi: Since joining the team at the beginning of the year, Fatima has been killing it as our VP of Business Development – making deals, forming connections, and giving Le Gourmand a ton of business.

2. Kait Ward: Kait and Eighty-Eight were fast friends from the first moment she stepped into the office. Since then she keeps hustling for each and every one of her clients.

3. Erica Salvalaggio: Erica joined the team at the beginning of the summer and has been blowing us away ever since. Not only does she bring the LOLs, but damn does she know how to write a pitch!

4. Stacey Orth: We always wanted a project manager, and now that we have Stacey – who’s absolutely amazing and has whipped us into shape – we never want to know life without her!

Team Bonding

5. Prince Edward County Retreat: The team enjoyed our yearly retreat with a trip to Prince Edward County, to cycle (some better than others), drink wine (some more than others), and eat all the foods (this was universal).

6. Fireside Conference: We took bonding to a whole new level after spending over 48 hours together up north at the annual Fireside Conference.

7. Blogging: Lots of topics piqued our interest this year, enough to write about them. Important topics like cookie porn, canned wine, and Netflix.

8. Startup Trivia Night: We joined forces with Insurance Portfolio and Uberflip to host our second annual Startup Trivia Night. Guac was eaten and a battle of startup-related wits ensued.

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

9. Telus: We helped TELUS tell the launch story of their TELUS Pitch competition to the press. The small business competition awarded Toronto startup iMerciv with a $100,000 cash prize.

10. Willful: Willful helps Canadians create a legal will online in less than 20 minutes. We helped bring the concept to life, from naming and branding through to the website design and PR launch.

11. Agency Side Hustle: Several of our team members have side hustles, from a literary magazine to a wine tour company. We launched a campaign to bring side hustles out of the shadows at agencies around the world.

12. PayPal: PayPal brought us on board to create a suite of assets for internal use to highlight the importance of cross-border transactions for their local teams.

13. Sony: Sony was looking for unique desk drops to promote their new show, Loudermilk. We came up with some clever and fun items for their sales team to leave behind.

14. NEXT Canada: What’s Now, What’s NEXT is a campaign about the future of innovation. We asked the network of NEXT Canada to help create a vision of what that future could look like. We used their predictions to build an interactive microsite where Canadians can browse the future.

15. foodora Valentine’s Day: We created a campaign that delivered foodora users more than just food on Valentine’s Day. Using millennial behaviour research, we positioned ordering through foodora as the perfect night-in experience and geared the campaign towards couples. Teaming up with Durex, foodora delivered condoms alongside a special aphrodisiac menu from select restaurant partners.

16. Canada’s National Ballet School: Canada’s National Ballet school came to us in advance of its dance festival, Assemblée Internationale. Eighty-Eight helped to increase awareness amongst general interest and lifestyle media outlets, reaching an audience outside its already established community

17. Ricarda’s: Ricarda’s took part in its first Summerlicious event this year, so we hosted an intimate preview at the restaurant’s private tasting booth to give media and influencers a taste of what was on the menu.

18. Lyft: Lyft crossed the border and launched in its first international city – our hometown, Toronto. The ridesharing platform brought us on board to plan and execute its first local event in the city, a winter-themed gathering at Palais Royale that welcomed its founding drivers to the community.  

19. INFINITI Lab: INFINITI chose Toronto as the first North American location for their IoT and smart cities accelerator, INFINITI Lab. We helped launch the accelerator to the press, working with the eight participating ventures to tell their individual stories.

20. Women of Influence: We partnered with the Women of Influence to provide in-kind marketing services to help increase their membership and elevate their profile in Toronto.

21. AMA Toronto: Eighty-Eight is currently the “Preferred Creative Communications Partner,” for the American Marketing Association in Toronto.  The partnership includes event support, marketing support, and cross-promoting content.

22. Design Exchange: We partnered with the Design Exchange to promote their 3rd annual Emerging Designer Competition. This year’s winner was a farm-to-fashion designer Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks.

23. Venture Out: Venture Out is Canada’s first technology conference for LGBTQ2+ youth. They came to us looking for help to spread the word about their launch. The conference welcomed hundreds of youth to connect with prospective employers and to hear LGBTQ2+ and ally leaders speak.

24. The Upside Foundation: The Upside Foundation came to us looking for help to create a campaign to reach their goal of 150 pledges by July 1, Canada’s 150th birthday. We helped them create and launch 150×150: Turning Equity in Charity.

Thanks for being a part of our year! Here’s to an even better 2018!