What makes a visual identity and why is it so important?

Regardless of your own, personal aptitude towards design, your consumers have an eye for what they like. We’re talking about why you should be thinking about your visual identity.

Let’s start by defining what a visual identity actually is.

A visual identity is not just a logo, it is a combination of visual elements that make up a key aspect of your overall brand that you can use to help communicate your message, values, and mission. Through the use of typography, colours, and imagery, you are able to cater your visual identity to evoke certain feelings and experiences. When forming a visual identity, always remember your target audience and the people that you’re trying to attract – understanding their wants and needs will help you identify how you should present your brand.


So what are the benefits of a great visual identity?

Brand awareness & loyalty

Consistent visuals are an effective way to build awareness for your brand. When every element of your brand shares the same overall look and feel, people start to make associations with your brand. By giving your customers’ minds something to hold onto, you are creating a sense of familiarity, which brings good expectations and good expectations build loyalty.


Building trust

Connecting with your target audience and getting them to trust you over another brand is difficult. With a strong identity, you can curate visuals that showcase your values and goals as a company. People like to be associated with “good” brands, and this will lead to customer referrals if they have a positive feeling about your brand.


Showcasing personality

Your visual identity is an extension of your brand voice and should reflect the same tone. This is the perfect opportunity to build an emotional connection with your audience, be it through a creative illustration/photography style or typeface.


Standing out

Use your visual identity to entice and engage your target audience and make you stand out from your competitors. The goal isn’t to be different for the sake of being different, it’s to highlight what makes you different and why you should be their top choice. This is also a chance to elevate your brand.

To conclude

When people think about a brand, the first thing that comes to mind is an image, specifically an image of what they perceive your brand to be, derived from a print ad, packaging, social media account, or campaign. This reason alone should be enough to get you thinking about your own visual identity and if it’s up to snuff. Need a little help? Well, making things look great just so happens to be our specialty.