What to add to your to-do list now that pot is legal

While the list of rules attached to legalization is substantial, there are still a lot of new *legal* possibilities available to the public. And the best part is they won’t get you in trouble.

As a fine wordsmith once said, this generation rules the nation, with vision. Those words speak true to today’s landmark event: pot prohibition, a 95 year-old restriction, has officially come to an end. Gone are the days of sharing your personal information on a washaway whiteboard form at a not-so-under-the-radar dispensary, not necessarily knowing where your pot is coming from, and trying to hide the smell of weed on your clothes with Febreeze. A new era has begun, one where the once illicit substance is treated almost no differently than tobacco. There may be a long list of rules and regulations attached to the use of cannabis, but in comparison to days past, the freedom is dizzying (we know a good sativa for that). Here’s a starter list of all the things you can now legally do.

Take a domestic flight with your weed in hand.

People tend to qualify their age with the old, “I remember when you could still smoke cigarettes on a plane!” adage. Well, you still can’t smoke cigarettes on a plane, nor can you spark up a joint. You can, however, travel domestically with 30 grams of marijuana in your carry on or checked bag. Imagine a world where you have to worry more about getting your Glossier Solution on the plane than your weed. Times, they are a-changin’!

Smoke a joint at Trinity Bellwoods Park (or some other very public place)

Not that it ever really stopped anyone before, but you can now partake in marijuana in very public places without risking getting busted by a narc. As long as the grassy knoll you choose to enjoy your grass from is 20 metres from schools and playgrounds, you should be good to go.

Send a goodbye letter to your current dealer

By the time you reach adulthood, it’s likely you’ve formed a whole slew of random relationships. Outside of your true blue pals and work fam, you’ve also got the people in your life who you interact with on a weekly, if not daily basis, such as the guy who sells you your late night feast of bags of chips at the corner store or your faithful pot dealer. Despite the deep bond you’ve probably formed with your dealer over the years, it is still a friendship based in illegal activity. While many Canadians say price will be the driving force behind their cannabis buying decisions not legality, many will opt for the regulated stuff, with only 36% sticking with their dealers. If you’re part of the group planning to switch where they buy their weed from, it may be time to pen a heartfelt and tear-jerking farewell letter to your current dealer. Parting really is such sweet sorrow.

Start your first indoor garden of canna-plant-babies

Succulents are so last year. In case you missed it, Canadians are now able to grow up to four cannabis plants per residence. This is by no means the grow op you may have dreamt of when you were but a curious youth, but it should satisfy your green thumb inclinations.

Late night online shopping for bud

Many of us have a habit of cozying up in bed and guided by the soothing, alien light of our glowing laptops find ourselves late night online shopping. What used to be shopping carts full of gratuitous Zara purchases will now be occupied with no more than 30 grams of that sweet Banana Candy or Bubba Kush.  

While today marks an exciting day for cannabis consumers – both medicinal and recreational – and (licensed) sellers alike, we’re most excited to see what innovative businesses, startups and campaigns are born from this new ‘green dawn’. Until then, always remember that a friend with weed is a friend indeed.