Why we’re breaking the #NoNewFriends rule for Glossier

What makes a brand leave the realm of consumer good and instead personify that cool girl you’re dying to befriend? Whatever it is, Glossier is nailing it.

The concept of the ‘It Girl’ has surely existed since the dawn of time. There was Joan of Arc in the 15th century and the 18th century’s Marie Antoinette. Fast forward to the Winona Ryder (Wino forever!) days of the 90’s when everything was angst and attitude. Circa 2017 however it seems like the ‘It Girl’ cannot be found in just one muse. Rather it’s a collection of traits that we mere mortals set as aspirational goals. We find these traits in the women, men, and brands we covet and hold near and dear to our hearts, as well as those whose Instas we follow religiously.

Whether these traits are real, a damn good Instagram front or just a cleverly-crafted marketing campaign, we identify with them and strive to adopt them into our own lives. We see the people or brands that possess these qualities as manifestations of that hopefully attainable essence we ourselves strive to fuse into our ever-evolving spirit. Not only do we look to these people to take cues from, but we also wish to surround ourselves with them. While the #NoNewFriends rule may speak to the ‘lit-ness’ of your current crew, isn’t there always room for improvement? It’s this psychology that really smart brands use to create an unwavering following of loyal disciples. Take Glossier for example, the ultimate cool girl brand we desperately want to hang with.

The seemingly perfect brand launched in 2014. Today, it has not only acquired a cult-like following of dreamy-eyed (and dewy-faced) fans, but it has cultivated a lifestyle that is seamlessly interwoven throughout all that the brand does. From their much-beloved and expertly saturated shade of pink, minimalist packaging and simple (but exactly what you want and need) products, to their wildly cool (and effortlessly stunning) gaggle of Glossier girls, everything they touch not only turns to gold, but inherently becomes something we simply must have.


Earlier this week, people across the nation simultaneously rejoiced and whipped their credit cards from their wallets when Glossier officially started shipping their cool cosmetics to Canada. It’s been a long time coming, and we at Eighty-Eight had no chill as our online carts filled to the brim with Glossier goods. But what do you expect? Buying and owning these items not only makes us feel closer to the brand, but it makes us feel closer to that life we aspire to craft for ourselves, the vibe we want to have, and the friends we want to sip rosé with. It may sound crazy, but each item we bought isn’t just a great product to add to our beauty arsenal, they’re also new friends we’re adding to our squad roster.

The Cloud Paint that is currently making its way to us is our new artsy friend, whose creativity constantly inspires us to explore our own inventiveness. Our new Boy Brow is the friend who resolutely knows who they are and whose confidence impressively knocks the wind out of us without fail. The glittery Balm Dotcom that will soon adorn our pouts is that fun-loving character who is endlessly serving you FOMO and you would never miss a chance to party with. Each item on Glossier’s online shop speaks to the personality of the brand: their fun, wit, and unwavering cool, so much so that they’re no longer mere consumer goods. They’re transformed into a mirror-like apparition; one whose reflection you turn to when seeking the person you hope to be. Is it sad that we’re speaking so passionately of a brand? Maybe. Or is it fascinating and awesome that there are still brands out there that can inspire and make you feel this way? We choose the latter. Welcome to Canada, Glossier!