Why you’ll definitely be drinking wine out of a can this summer

Move over Tetra Pak. This summer, canned wine will be keeping you classy and refreshed on your balcony, at the cottage and (illegally) at your favourite park.

If you’ve ever shown up at a dinner party with boxed wine, then you’re familiar with the judgement such a vessel provokes. Boxed wine has always faced a mix of opinions. When it first appeared on shelves, people were intrigued by its unpretentious markings, its utility, and its ability to still get you good and tipsy. Gone were the days of listening to the cringe inducing sound of glass on glass as you made your way home from the wine store. You could now sleep easy knowing you’d never face the pure devastation of your bottle’s cork getting stuck or the trauma of dropping and smashing your favourite blend of red on the floor, watching in horror as its full bodied plasma collects at your feet.

On the other hand, many viewed this cheaper and less glamorous opportunity to imbibe as embarrassing piss, and wouldn’t be caught dead with it in their fridge, let alone in the glass they were drinking from. Fair enough. It’s not as though the best Lafite or newest Beaujolais can be found in a box. Here at Eighty-Eight however, we don’t discriminate when it comes to vino. We think (almost) all wines are created equal, and never judge. Is it made from grapes? Is it somewhat palatable? If not, can a handful of all-dressed chips help wash it down? Pour one out please!

That’s why, when our social committee came back to the office with a selection of charming canned wines for us to try, we couldn’t help but jump with glee. These had to be the super cute cousins of the boxed wine we had been pretending to detest! The playful design, sweet taste, and practical receptacle confirmed that our new summer drink of choice was the right one. Here are some other cleverly and beautifully designed canned wines that have taken the iconic can from utilitarian to delightful.

1. Joiy

Hailing from New Zealand, this bubbly offering is both delicious and whimsical. As you sit in the park (at your own risk, of course), Joiy will transport you to the eve of the French Revolution, as you luxuriate on a lush lawn, Marie Antoinette-style.

2. Ruza

This is the canned wine of your Instagram dreams. Its cool and peppy design is enough to make us want to crack a Ruza. Not only is its look totally on point, but it fulfills anyone’s #roseallday quota.

3. Backpack Wine

This canned wine inspires hitting the trail and heading out of doors on a glorious summer day. Backpack Wine let’s you ‘skip the cork’ and instead crack a can of Cheeky Rosé or Snappy White. 

4. Origin

If a sweet concoction of aromatic fruits is what your palette craves, Niagara’s Origin sparkling wine is the canned wine for you. With this in tow, you’re sure to be everyone’s favourite picnic companion.

5. Mancan Fizz

For those who (for whatever reason) don’t want to order a stemmed glass of wine while they’re out with their bros, there is the Mancan. These cans come in packs of red, white or fizzy and will definitely catch the eye of your hipster friend who secretly prefers wine to craft beer.

6. The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem is the pint-sized nano-brewer of the canned wine world. Made in an ‘urban winery’ found in a Denver back alley, The I.M.T serves up convenient cans of white, red, moscato, and rosé for your next dock day.

7. Francis Coppola’s Sofia Mini

This next canned wine serves as the perfect segue post-Marie Antoinette banter. The Sofia Mini, named after the famous director, is pure, effervescent bliss. Tasting of pear, summer melon, and honeysuckle, this zesty canned wine will give you that perfect dose of bubbly you desire.

8. Pampelonne

For those who dream of days spent on a beach in Monaco or Nice, Pampelonne is here to help. Using fine wines from the best regions in France, they’ve made drinking that much easier by playing mixologist and blending up bright sparkling wine cocktails just for you.

9. Honourable Mention

They may not be canned wine, but these ‘Prosecco Ice Popsicles’ are too adorable to not be included. POPS are hailed as the world’s first ever frozen Bellini, serving up half a glass of real prosecco, a splash of peach schnapps with a dash of blood orange and hibiscus. You’ll definitely have the cutest frozen and boozy treat on the beach blanket with one of these in hand.


Rather than spending your time pouring one out (into an inconspicuous container) for the homies this summer, grab a discreetly delightful can of wine and head to your nearest grassy knoll on a moment’s notice to enjoy a day of responsible drinking in the sun!