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Buffer Festival came to us with one goal: make YouTubers feel like stars. Our team went beyond pitching out the upcoming festival and focused on securing interviews that mattered to each YouTuber and their respective audiences.

With over 300 acclaimed digital creators and YouTube personalities participating in the festival, we strategically grouped each creator by their categorical premiere, securing 43 one-on-one interviews for them on opening day.


From HELLO Canada’s DIY Facebook Live with The Sorry Girls, to MUCH’s studio setup, our media relations campaign shined a direct spotlight on Buffer Festival’s acclaimed YouTube creators.

To keep the featured creators in the spotlight, we coordinated several on-site interviews and photo ops with key entertainment and lifestyle media on the Buffer Festival Red Carpet for the annual gala event. Our team also acted as local publicist for critically-acclaimed Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock, securing several broadcast interviews for Vlogumentary, a documentary he produced that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Our team developed media prep documents for each featured creator and escorted them to and from interviews. In all, Buffer Festival’s press day garnered over 24 pieces of unique coverage, 588 social shares, and 1.75M impressions.