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inkbox is the Toronto-based startup behind the world’s first two-week tattoo. After being backed by nearly 8,000 funders on Kickstarter, inkbox garnered interest from celebrity investors and raised $1 million in seed funding.

To raise awareness among consumers and elevate the brand profile, we tied inkbox’s funding announcement to the unique story behind how the Handley brothers developed the product. We secured business articles highlighting the participation from celebrity investors, such as Jeff Probst, Emmy-winning host of Survivor.

We also worked with the inkbox team to promote two new pop-up locations. To increase awareness and drive sales, we proactively pitched the brick-and-mortar pop-ups, securing coverage with both lifestyle media and influencers in Toronto. To demonstrate the tattoo’s unique application process, we coordinated on-site interviews, photo-ops, and Facebook Live demos with lifestyle editors in the city.

We secured 32 articles and roundups in outlets including the National Post, Notable, Tribute.ca, InStyle, FASHION, Canadian Family, and FLARE, with 82.4M total impressions and 1.48k social shares.