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In December 2017, Lyft launched in Toronto – their first launch in a city outside of the U.S. This was a big deal for the ridesharing company, and for drivers and passengers in Toronto eagerly anticipating competition. Eighty-Eight was tasked with organizing an event to celebrate Lyft’s Toronto founding drivers to welcome them to the platform.


The event was held at Palais Royale in Toronto. Eighty-Eight coordinated with the venue, consulted on the timing and flow of the event, and handled all decor, signage, and wayfinding.


Our goal was to convey the spirit of the Lyft brand and show the founding drivers how important they were to the launch. Despite the arrival of the season’s first blizzard on the night of the event, hundreds of drivers showed up to celebrate and speak with Lyft executives.

The look and feel of the event, along with the programming, showed Toronto drivers that Lyft had arrived in the city.