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Nutram was looking for a compelling campaign to introduce their line of holistic pet foods to the Canadian market.

As a new brand, they would be competing with some of the biggest household names in the country. We knew we had to come out with a bold statement and a trusted voice to get pet parents to make the switch.

Jillian Harris, host of Love it or List It Vancouver and loving dog owner, came on board to show Canadians how and why they should switch their pet’s food to Nutram with the Optimum Transition Challenge.


We made it easy with a microsite full of content supporting dog and cat owners who decided to try switching to Nutram. Jillian Harris, along with other influencers across the country, took the challenge and shared their stories on their blogs and social networks, and we saw the results. Likes, shares, and comments proved that others were inspired to take the challenge and switch to Nutram for their pets.

In all, the campaign reached 500,000+ people and drove an 80% increase in web traffic to the Nutram website.