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A movie-loving chatbot that helped festival-goers navigate what to see at the Toronto International Film Festival.


It can be hard for film fans to navigate through timetables and ticket rushes, while also sorting through reviews and social media to decide which movies to see. TIFFBOT was designed to help eliminate all those pain points. It’s a Facebook Messenger chatbot – a computer software program that uses AI to simulate human conversation – that provides movie recommendations by chatting in Messenger. We partnered with software studio TWG to build TIFFBOT – their team built the bot and created the content, and our team handled the brand identity, landing page, and PR/marketing.

TIFFBOT prompted users to input a genre, movie star, or country. Based on the user’s input, the bot would serve the best match, giving users the option to watch the trailer, visit the film’s page on the TIFF website, or find more recommendations. There were over 8,600 sessions on the bot in the three weeks leading up to TIFF.

The project turned into an official partnership with TIFF. Their team promoted the bot on their social media channels, and provided curated content including a hidden gems category. We plan to expand on the partnership in 2017 to ensure filmgoers can find the best films at TIFF this September.